Bigger, Badder, More Better Sorting

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I have been surprised that the monday community has not been more concerned about the issues with sorting. I have come to realize that there are 2 primary ways to use monday boards.

  1. “Static” – boards are created with all (or most) of the items being added at the very beginning. The addition of items is infrequent and though it may sometimes be desirable to see the items in a different sequence this is usually driven by the user wanting to look at things from a different perspective. The current sorting functions are adequate.

  2. “Dynamic” – boards are created with few or no items and new items are added on an ongoing basis often using monday integrations. As situations change, e.g.: new items are added, changes are made to item priorities, statuses, or dates, etc., it is often desirable to have the sequence of the items change. Here the current sorting functionality falls short.

Our company’s most important boards are highly dynamic. Many new items are added to these boards throughout the day and as priorities, dates, etc. change, it is important to have immediate visibility of the resulting changes in focus. This issue is further complicated by the fact that some of these boards are used by different teams with each team looking at the same data from a different perspective.

Here are my suggested improvements to monday sorting:

  1. Add board header button to immediately sort the items by whatever the “saved” sort is on the current view.
  2. Sort the board using the “saved” sort when the board is initially displayed.
  3. Sort the board using the “saved” sort when the browser page is “reloaded”.
  4. Either a dynamic resort of items as new items are added and sorting criteria are changed, OR a header level indicator that lets the user know that new items have been added and/or criteria have changed and a resort may be needed.
  5. Although I believe that these above suggestions would be universally applicable, it is certainly possible that there are situations I haven’t considered that would be negatively impacted by their implementation. To address this, it might be beneficial to add a flag, “disable dynamic sorting”, when saving a sort to bypass the new functionality.

I had initially included thoughts on a related issue of “Virtual Groups”. However, I decided to create a separate topic here: “Virtual Groups”

This is exactly what is needed and people have been asking for for several years. They have automations for so many things but not sorting, which is a vital function.

100% agree - this would be an EXTREMELY useful function and something my org’s users are asking about as well.

We cannot believe that this isn’t available. We were about to switch everything over to Monday but the lack of this functionality basically renders the platform useless to us (which is super disappointing as it seems to have so many other great features!)