"Board Group By" Is Amazing!

Just wanted to send some positivity, because for all our frustrations with getting a response from Monday on the issues in this community forum, I have to step back and remind myself sometimes that Monday is an incredible tool and a complete joy to use! So here’s some well-deserved praise, Monday! :raised_hands:

  1. For me, the new “Group By” function is incredible. This is sooooooo useful. :boom::exploding_head: And that you can save it to a view… so great. Thank you!

  2. The way it sets the group color by the color of the status is such a dream. (and makes me want to have all the status colors available as group colors now of course to make my boards more subtle :pray:t3: )

  3. Hope it’s in the works, but of course most of the things I want to group by are linked columns - which don’t work yet. Tried making a formula column tied to the linked column as a possible workaround, but that doesn’t work either. Hoping it’s possible soon!

  4. And hoping for CTRL-G on this too to be able to navigate large boards by closing all groups and then clicking into the one you want to look at.

Again, thank you so much for this! :raised_hands:

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been using this feature for about a month now and it is definitely a game changer. As someone who’s been using Monday.com for more than 18 months, my only real complaint with Monday.com is that you have to decide on how you want to group items when you set up a board. Using the “dynamic grouping” allows me to view my data in so many different and useful ways. I truly hope this alpha-level feature is carried through and is released as a standard feature. In the future, boards could be set up without grouping and then you could use the views to group data accordingly.