Feature Request: Sort Groups, Not Just Projects

I am looking for the ability to organize Groups in a board by whatever column I choose. For instance, I have a BOARD dedicated to our Production department with all of our projects included as GROUPS. Each GROUP has PROJECTS that correspond to the various components that need worked on and their status.

When I utilize the sort function at the top, all it does is reorganize the various PROJECTS contained in each GROUP. Because of the way the market is, we find ourselves having to change ship dates periodically to either meet customer needs or pivot to updated information. When this happens across multiple projects it would be helpful to resort BY DATE. Or we would also like to be able to organize by PROJECT NAME if possible. I could even see the need to organize by PROJECT PROGRESS during meetings on the fly to be able to identify key projects that need immediate attention without having to scroll through 40 or 50 projects in a BOARD.

Hi @josbri - I have good news, and bad news on this topic. The good news - monday already built something like this, it’s called the “Group By” feature. The bad news is that Group By was only available briefly as a beta feature available through monday.labs and then it was sent back to development. There’s no ETA on when it will return but I know tons of people who are eager to see it come back!

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