A way to sort/alphabetize groups

Instead of having to drag groups into desired place, there should be a way to sort

We save several projects in one board and it would be great to be able to sort the groups automatically in alphabetical order.

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I know that this has been posted, but it’s a closed thread:


It apparently has been submitted as a feature request. Is there any update on this because I know I could certainly make use of sorting groups alphabetically. I think it’s possible via the API, but that’s not practical for daily use.

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I second this…as do many others. It’s just bonkers that the ability to sort a board alphabetically by project – the master categories, no less-- does not exist?!


Yeah, I’m waiting for the monday.com team to reply on this as well.


Please, PLEASE make a way to sort groups. We have a board for installation and maintenance and would like to be able to sort by dates of install or service.


Please keep me informed when or if there is a fix for this request.

Has anyone found a work around?

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Hi! any updates on this Alphabetcial Order feature? we have a tremendous amount of group names that we have to sort manually… it’s a pain!


Much needed capability

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Hi all,
anything new on this?


Hi. Our company is very new at Monday.com and we already have tons of items within same boards. Has there been an update on how to organize in alpha order?

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I see the value in sorting groups and I agree this should be a feature.

:bulb:However, implement this design change to achieve your desired results today:

Instead of using a Group to separate out your projects, use a Status Column.
The order of the labels will the the order of the grouping when you then Group by the Status column. You can also “Group by” other columns; such as a text or date column. :exploding_head:
Save the Grouping to a new View and you can sort to your heart’s content.
Then think of the Groups in different terms for your Main Table. I like to use Current/Active, Past, and Future Groups for my project based boards done this way. :+1:

Hi @APICaptain and @mbetancur ,

we just released an app called Groups Manager.
It allows you to create/reorder/archive/delete and in your case, to sort groups alphabetically.
Check it out : monday.com: Apps Marketplace

I hope it will fit your needs.

Vince from Devdevils

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Has the “group by” been removed?

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No it hasn’t. If you’re not seeing a group-by option for the column you want to use, it’s probably due to the column type. The group-by option is incompatible with columns that allow an item to belong in multiple groups. So, you can’t use a linked board that allows selecting multiple items, or a multi-select dropdown, etc. Try it with a Status column to verify you can find the option.

Ability to mass-delete groups, as well!!

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