Reorder and Sort Groups

Everytime I create a new group it goes to the bottom of my board

We organize our items inside groups based on the START DATE

I’d like to suggest an easy way to reorder and sort groups instead dragging and dropping. The whole group of items could be sorted by an specifc column, such as “Start Date”, that way my view would be always organized from earliest to oldest Start Date.

There could be an option to “Lock” the drag and drop too, that way it wouldn’t get out ot the order previously created.

Hi @Flaviomian ,

For the creation of groups, you can create a group two different ways, one way will create it at the bottom of the board and the other will create it at the top:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the board and click “create new group” this will create a group at the bottom of the board.
  2. Go to the top of the board and find the blue box that says “New Item”. Click on the drop down in this box and select “New group of items” and this will create a group at the top of the board.

I know this doesn’t solve the entire problem you have laid out, but thought this could help in the meantime.

Hi @kaylak , thank you for the reply.

Yes this solution you presented kinda works.
I’ve noticed that now Monday can automatic sort groups by an specific column, but not all columns are allowed to make this sorting.

Only dated columns are able at the moment as print below.


It sort the elements with preset groups as “Tomorrow”, “This Week”, “Next week” and so on…

It kinda helps, but would be better if we could for example with filter options, for example:

“Group by Column ‘Start Date’, but group only items with the same date”.
This way, all lines with the exact same Start Date would be in the same group.

I don’t know if I was able to explain it right :sweat_smile: