Sorting 2 groups in the same board differently?


Is it possible to sort 2 groups in the same board differently?
For example sorting the group1 by name and the group2 by date?
I seems that sorting a group by a columns sorts all groups with the same column. I read that I could dissociate 2 groups but can’t find how to do it.



Hey @Zalayeta good question – at this time, the only way to sort the board is actually by a column, which in turn does it for the entire board.

Is there a reason you’d like to sort by both date and name across the two different groups? You could create filtered views for each one, do you think that would work instead?

This article should give insight on saving the different views:

I’d love to learn more about how this affects your workflow though :slight_smile:




Date and name was only and example.
I’d like to sort by first arrived on the “ongoing” board which is already the case, but sort by last arrived on the “won” board because this board is gonna be big and it’s easy to see the last won when they are at the top.

2 views could achieve that but its not so intuitive, I’ll read your link.

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Similarly I’d like to sort based on the status of one column as everything except for “complete” and keep other columns sorted by date but it doesnt appear to save especially as I add new rows.

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I noticed that new rows aren’t sorted. It’s like the sort only works for the current rows.

Any way to sort by a column and save that sort for all the incoming column as well?
@agiangregorio did you find a solution to apply the sort to incoming rows?

Sorting by status, per group not board, would be very beneficial. We are a print shop and work by due dates, but prior to art approval we like to sort by “target date”.

We have groups based on different areas in the shop; design, proof, production, bindery, etc. Jobs in design, proof, etc we need to see by target date. Once in production, we like to sort by a hard due date.

I would also love this feature. Thanks for bringing it up!!