Sorting Groups Separately

Someone else posted a thread for this but it was closed with no response from Monday

We desperately need to be able to sort by group - creating separate views does not work for us as we need all the information on one page.

One group we want to keep in order of Creation Date
One group we need to be able to sort by Closing Date (well ideally Timeline end date but that’s another missing feature).

Could anyone please let me know if this is something being considered at all?


I don’t know if sorting differently by groups is being considered for development. But, if your workflow will allow you to set a value on your board to the group it’s in, you could add a formula column with a formula like this:

SWITCH({Group},"Group1",{Creation Log#Date},{Timeline#End})

In this example, {Group} is a status column that matches the group the item is in. The formula returns the creation date when the item is in Group1 and Timeline#End otherwise. Sorting by this column would then do what you want.

Setting the initial {Group} status column to the group an item is created in is the tricky part. This could be done with Integroomat. One example of how to do it without the use of a custom app/Integromat would be:

  1. Tell users to only add items to Group1
  2. Set the default for {Group} status column to “Group1”
  3. Add this automation for each group on your board:

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Thank you! I will have to review this and see if I can make it work.


The has been progress on this since my last post. Sorting groups differently, is now possible when you are using the Main Table. Each group can be sorted by a single column. To save a sort to a group:

  1. Make sure you are using the Main Table view.
  2. Sort the column you want by clicking the blue double arrow icon that appears when you hover over the column headings.
  3. Click “save sort for this group” in the column heading submenu as show below:

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Hi, it looks like this feature is gone in the current version :


What happened? It used to be very helpful to me.


I wish we could get an update from Monday on this. Would be such a game changer to be able to do this.


@JCorrell Do you maybe have some information about it? I has been over 6 month that I have reported this issue to the Customer Support, but all I get is “we will transfer your feedback” and no further development. I am constantly trying to get any additional information, but without any success. I can’t even get to speak to any manager, any request is just getting ignored.

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It’s definitely frustrating not knowing what Monday is focusing on and whether or not the features we perceive as being instrumental are even on their radar. They used to have a comprehensive Road Map so we could see what was being prioritized but this year there is literally only 8 items listed on it and a handful listed as “In the Pipeline”. I wish there were more transparency.


I absolutely agree. We see new features from time to time, but it seems that feature requests from the users are being totally ignored. There has been 9 months already that this issue has been reported and there wasn’t even a reply from @monday-team.


I missed your question for an update from me way back… no, I’ve heard nothing.

Thanks for the answer. The tech support is giving me nothing, so I have turned to the community :slight_smile:

I agree - we need the ability to sort groups.