Same Board with many tables with different groupings

I’m doing an IT ticket submission board. I have three status type columns:

  1. Status - open closed etc …
  2. Requested by - Mike, Andrew, etc…
  3. Type - Defect, Improvement Idea, Unknown, Other

Now I want three different tables on the same board as follows:

  1. Status - grouped by Status
  2. Requested by - grouped by Requested by
  3. Type - grouped by type

Is this possible?

Hi @MikeNew - you cannot sort groups within a board differently. As a workaround you could create different views within the board that hide the other groups and sort as needed:

Status View: Hide Requested By, Type and sort by Status
Requested By View: Hide Status, Type and sort by Requested By
Type View: Hide Status, Requested By and sort by Type

Hope this helps!

@mark.anley I’m not wanting to sort differently - I want to group differently

Unfortunately, Hiding that information won’t work as we need to see it.

I’m tyring to avoid having four different boards:

  1. New requests to triage
  2. Feature requests
  3. Defects
  4. Other

Though that may not be a bad thing

Still even if it do that I want to be able to see a view by person that includes all the items allocated to them across the four boards.

Hi @MikeNew - Group By (Dynamic Grouping) is coming out at some point although I dont have a date as of yet. This will solve your problem in the long term however not in the short term.

@mark.anley Thank you.