"Group By" Feature Does Not Appear in Monday.com Labs

I have been a long time fan of this feature, but am having difficulty using it with multiple users.

When I went to Monday labs to add the extra functionality on their account, I noticed the option was missing. Afterwords, I checked my account and confirmed the option to enable “group by” is gone, despite still having the feature.

Can someone help direct me to where I can enable group by feature for everyone on my account?

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Hi @ShaneGrady - the Group By feature was in Alpha and since pulled from monday.labs likely for re-architecture of some kind. Sadly, you will not be able to get this added to your account. Only accounts that individual users that activated the feature have access to it.


I noticed that as well a few weeks ago. I have the feature, but other members have no way to get it.

Any hope for it to come back in the future? Or anything similar?

I think it really did provide an interesting new functionality by allowing to group by certain columns on the board. Sure you can some of that with filters, but not see multiple subsets at a time neatly ‘grouped’.

Hey @stdev - as for timing I am sure it will come back at some point but I havent heard any specific timing as of recently.

I couldn’t agree more, this was a HUGE deal. Much other software has this capabilities and being able to dynamically group boards would be a massive improvement in one of mondays less flexible areas.