Group by Column (A.K.A. "Board Group by", "Dynamic Grouping", "Virtual Groups")

Bumping this thread, this feature would be an absolute lifesaver for our org

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“Group by” was one of the reason why we decided to go with Monday. I feel a bit cheated that they have now removed it! Please Monday community managers, give us an ETA at least…

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We need this option. bumping the thread


Was so excited to find this option only to be disappointed it’s been removed! Definitely need this - please bring it back!


@Jim is anyone going to acknowledge us?


Any idea if this feature is back yet? or an estimated date when it is going to be back in Monday.labs?
I see it has almost been 8 months since it was taken out.

Any update is appreciated.


All I know right now is that monday has acknowledged the importance to the user community and that they are intending on bringing it back. The implication has been that it is much more complex on the back end that it seems and that they are wanting to make it a more complete feature. monday is usually VERY cagey about when features will be released. They have certainly cagey on this one. I do take the fact that they have even acknowledged it as a positive sign… how positive is anyone’s guess.

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Thank you for your prompt response.
This is really a dealbreaker and a must feature to have. Hopefully Monday gives an estimated time on implementing this board feature.



It is very surprising that such basic feature is not released yet.
I hope they will restore it soon and release.

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This basic feature is enabler for working with Monday.
How come its allready in the Monday Dev but not in my Monday pro?


Hi! Has there been any updates on this one? It really does make the boards more useable for various different views and roles.

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Bumping this thread.

Are there any updates on this feature? It fundamentally changes the usability of our boards. And as one of the other users mentioned, it was one of the key reasons why we chose


This is definitely a game changer – please bring this back!

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Did this feature stay after your trial ended?

For me it stayed, yes. But I was totally new to Monday.

Does it only work in your “Dev” workspace, or does it stay with your “normal” Monday workspace?

It works on the normal workspace, I don’t have Dev anymore.

Seems like a very clunky workaround to have this feature, but I’ll take it!

Any updates on this being released or available?? Does anyone have a workaround for this using automations?

Dly215, Were you able to make it work?