High-Level Dashboard - Scrum

I am looking for a way to easily aggregate the status of multiple boards into either a high-level Dashboard or a high-level board.

In my instance, I have approximately 50 project boards that all contain their own statuses, schedules etc. The boards are utilizing the same format template for easier aggregation. I am running into a lot of issues, though, when I try to summarize these boards into one line-item in a high-level board. I have tried using the Mirror column but its very heavy and frequently can’t load the amount of data I input. Additionally, I have to manually select each item within the project boards, causing a lot of room for human error if I miss something.

I looked into the Rollup Multiple Board and am unsure if that would be a good solution. I also tried using the Overview widget but, after speaking with support, I am unable to change the calculations within that widget which is currently showing inaccurate information (for example it is telling me one project is At Risk when all the statuses are either In Progress or Done.)

@basdebruin I have been reading through a lot of the other posts on the Monday Community and was hoping you can help me with this. My organization just upgraded to Enterprise today and I want to give my stakeholders what they’re looking for, which is all project statuses aggregated for a simple view. Please let me know if you can help!

hi @rberry

From your description I would say the Rollup Multiple Boards app is a perfect fit to your use case. In this case the high-level boards would contain 50 items, each item representing a project. You can aggregate statuses, people, numbers dates, timelines etc with the recipes provided by the app.

If you want to setup a video call to go over this, let me know.

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@basdebruin I would love to discuss over a video call to see the app in action! I looked into it but its hard for me to visualize my use case.

You can schedule a call through this link Calendly - Bas de Bruin. As it might take longer than 45 minutes the preferred option is to use Teams

Hi @rberry I suggest to take a look at the Analytics & Reports add-on by Screenful that allows you to aggregate data accross multiple monday boards, and create custom charts that you can place on monday dashbords, or schedule to be sent via email.

You can learn more about this tool at monday.com reports: Advanced custom report & analytics for monday.com — Screenful