Can update content in one board automatic upgrade same content in another board?

Hi all,

I’m new to and lack of experience. Please help to comment if I can/or can’t/how to setup the boards structure as follow:

  1. A Top level of Projects status include all different project status in a summary content for management team.
  2. Separate board for each project work flow and tasks details for working level use.
  3. Use link column to create the link between the Top level board and working level board, it can click the link column and will redirect to each project board for details.

I want to make the feature that when working level update the status in the working level board. Whenever the complete % of the project change, the new valid will automatic update the complete % field in Top level board for that project. It can save times for update the field everyday. Any direct method to do this?



That is an essential feature to manage a project. We need that too! I wonder if it is on Monaday’s holdmap.