Multi-board Status update via Automation

I would like to set an automation the will set a status on one board dependent on the status on another board where the Items on each board match each other.

Hi Terry,

I’m curious about the purpose of this workflow. Perhaps there is a better approach.

However, something similar to this might be possible using automations.

  • Could you please describe the process?
  • Will this be a one-time update, or do you want the items to remain linked?
  • Are you trying to synchronize the statuses across the boards so that they’re always the same or are you trying to do something else?
  • Is the relationship one to one, many to one, or many to many?

Please share some screenshots as well. Any more details you can provide will be helpful.

There are 3 boards involved. Board 1 details jobs that we are looking to win contracts for. Once we win a contract the name and reference number for that contract are created as new items on boards 2 & 3.
Board 2 tracks the production and installation of our products.
Board 3 tracks the invoicing progress as payments are made in parts throughout the project.
What I am trying to do is have a Payment Status on Board 2 change dependent on the status of the invoicing on on Board 3 for each project

It sounds like you could achieve this with automations.

Firstly you need to create a two way connection between boards 2 and 3.

Then you need to add in this automation to boards 2 and 3:

Configure the automation so that board 2 connects to board 3 and vice versa. Use the unique reference number as the matching “this column” and you can “overwrite existing”

Once this is configured, you can be confident they’ll be connected.

On board 2, set up a mirror column to mirror the status from board 3 that you mentioned.

Use the following premade automation recipe to trigger changes based on that mirrored status.

Once this is all configured, you should get the behavior you’re requesting

All that said, to be completely honest, it sounds like you could use a single board to track all of the above. Since all of these are a one to one relationship, if I was building a solution, I’d need more of a reason to separate these items into different boards.

There’s no real reason not to just create additional columns and use views to focus your activity.

Why maintain a separate board, when it sounds like the move from board 1 to later steps could be managed with a status change and a simple filter?

Just something to think about. I’m obviously making a few assumptions about your solution, so of course there might be valid reasons for creating additional boards. However, as a piece of general advice, adding boards unnecessarily is a common pitfall I see among my clients when they go about building their own solution. The problem you’re facing now could have been avoided by keeping to a single board.

Thanks for help with the solution. Each board is separate due to the groups within each perform very different functions

Didn’t mean to overwhelm you! Hopefully that guides you towards finding a solution.

Also don’t worry too much about everything being perfect—there is no such thing as a perfect solution. At the end of the day, it’s the work that matters and not the setup. So if it works, it works.

Thanks Francis. You have definitely helped. I had not though of different views to complete what i was trying to do. Board 1 definitely has to stay has a separate board. But boards 2 and 3 can be managed with views within the one board once I have looked again.
Thanks from all the way over in Australia

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