Update the Automations on multible boards?

We have a lot of boards with Automations.
We are developing Monday and on the go.

If I want to add or adjust an automation, I need to go to every (±100) board to update the automations.

Is there a way I can update the automations on all boards?


I would love to see an answer to this, too!


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I have also requested the ability to do global automations before. This is very important to us.

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This would also benefit our Monday.com as we have several boards that are duplicates but used for different departments. Looking forward to seeing the answer!

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Agree with all of you and have the same question.

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I have wished for the ability to add the same automations to multiple boards at once. What a time saver! I’d also love the ability to customize statuses that become universal and can be added to multiple boards.

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@Jappa , Will the automations be same across all the boards?

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@aquibk yes, that is exactly what I want. Even better would it be to update an automation, and the updated automation would be across all boards.

Now if I decide to change, delete or add an automation. I need to repeat that on ±85 boards…

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Hi Emily,
For the second part of your question try to use “Column Templates” feature, which allows you to create a status column with your universal statuses and then use this column in any board just by adding the column from the template section. Here’s an article about that feature:https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405213200018-Column-templates
Nevertheless, keep in mind that this feature is available only to enterprise plan ( :pensive:).

Oz, this is helpful. Thanks for letting me know.

This is not possible at this point of time, however it is a good feature we can think of in coming future.

I’ve looked into it and unfortunately this is not included on our plan. :pensive: