Status of Board to Change Status of Another Board - Follow up

Hello @graceg & @Helen1988

There was a post closed 7/05/2021 that you were conversing about Status of Board to Change Status of Another Board - FAQs / Automations & Integrations - monday Community

Did this work? Because Grace wrote “to be changed by the Mirror version via automation” & a mirrored column cannot be selected through an automation, so I am confused. Please provide clarity on the solution, thank you!!!

@graceg you previously wrote…

“Here is what I would suggest - it might not be pretty, but it’ll get the job done.

I am not sure if you are using a multi-board Connect Boards column or not, but I think part of the problem with your method is that the automation that changes statuses can use a Mirror column as a trigger, but not as the action. It has to go from Mirror column to regular column.

With your “Full Timeline” board as the hub, you could connect each board with a separate Connect Boards column, and separate Mirror status column. Now you have individual triggers.

Now you will need to create a “real” (non-Mirrored) status column on the hub board for each of the 4 boards, to be changed by the Mirror version via automation. Now you have 4 “real” statuses, kept up-to-date for each board feeding in.

Then, on each of the 4 boards (which are each Connected to the hub board (Full Timeline) because you checked the box to create the column there, too, when you inserted them on the hub board) you mirror the “real” status columns for the other 3 departments. Now those can be used as triggers to change the department’s own “real” status via automation.

*So you have to add 3 new Mirror status columns to each department board, and you have to have 4 separate Connect Boards columns + Mirror Status on the hub board.”

The automation to use for this is in the automation center - it won’t work if you build the automation from scratch. This one will recognize the mirror column:
Picture 2022-08-17 at 8.44.47 AM


THANK YOU!!! It worked. Very strange that the automation will only work from the Automation Center, and not from scratch. Much appreciated @graceg :slight_smile:


Hi Grace,

I ran across this post as I am trying to achieve the same thing. When you say the recipe above recognizes the mirror column, does that mean the mirror column should be showing up as an option for status in the recipe? I have created a connected board and mirror columns from another board and they show up as expected on my main board. However, when I am using the recipe above, it is only giving me the live status columns, not the mirror columns as options. Am I missing another step perhaps?

Hi Bonnie, yes, the mirrored status-type column should be showing up as an option to select. It doesn’t give you any clue - icon or anything - that it’s mirrored, it’s just the column name like any regular non-mirrored column. It’s only available as the trigger, not the action; so you can pass a value from the mirror column to a regular one, but not vice-versa. Also, it only works when you use the pre-made automation from the Automation Center (see screenshot above; it’s the one with the “Supports subitems” tag under the recipe), not when you build it as a custom automation. Those are the only 2 things I can suggest for why it might not be working.

Thanks Grace. I had it set up backwards - I was trying to pass the value from a regular column to a mirror column. I understand now. Thanks!

Hi Grace - I’ve been trying to do this same thing. However, it doesn’t allow me to choose the Mirror column as the action because I have it reflecting statuses from multiple boards. Have you been successful with that in this particular scenario or found another work around?


Hi Rebecca, unfortunately a combined mirror column from multiple boards won’t work for that automation. I’m hoping the transition to mondayDB is going to improve that functionality!