Automation to change Mirror Status column because of another Mirror Status column

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I’m hoping someone will be able to assist me with this.

I have a “view” board, which I would like to use as a means of tracking statuses of tasks across different boards. For this example I have made 2 “tasks” boards, each with different columns and subitems. I followed the recipe which creates items in each board and links them back to the main board as shown here:

The problem I am having is these boards have tasks that rely on task completion from the other board e.g. once column 2 is set to “done” then column 6 needs to be set to “working on it” and when column 6 is set to “done” then column 4 needs to be set to “working on it” etc.

I found this recipe which allows me to use a mirror column as a trigger, but I can’t then set a different mirror column as the resulting action:

I’m hoping this is possible either natively or through an app as this will be a huge help in decluttering the view board and allow for better task management between the different teams and their boards.

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Have a search for ‘Column Magic’ in the app marketplace and from the Column Magic: Copy section you’ll find this recipe:


It will enable you to copy the mirrored status into a ‘real’ status column that you can hide from view and utilise in your automations. It’s free up to 1000 actions per month and there are a variety of triggers for each action.

Hopefully that’s helpful - I’m happy to chat all things any time! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the response!

I’m not sure how to implement that with Column Magic. From what I’m seeing of the options, it looks like I’d need to setup multiple automations just for one status change across boards.

For a bit more context:
I have an automation that creates and links items in the two task boards when making an item in the view board.

2024-01-10 13_00_02-Task1 and 31 more pages - Work - Microsoft​ Edge
2024-01-10 13_00_12-Task2 and 31 more pages - Work - Microsoft​ Edge

Here is a diagram that better explains the process:

I would like that when the “Legal” column, whether mirrored or “local”, is changed to a certain status e.g. “DoneL1”, it would then change the status for the Finance column to “StartF1” and then the reverse when set to “DoneF1” etc. until the process is “Complete”.

What would be the best way to do this, through Column Magic or otherwise?

Thank you!

Hi @prmit , how are you? I think you can benefit a lot if you have the same item live on multiple boards. You can have item 1 live on three boards or groups.

Try installing Same Item Multiple Boards by Formula Lookout

One of the limits with mirror columns is there is no way to trigger anything when they change. It requires adding “webhooks” to other boards to monitor changes - which Column Magic hasn’t been implemented yet.

Those webhooks are considered additional automations - and will consume automation actions the same as using the status change automations.

Reach out to Column Magic support and we can discuss more if necessary and see if we can optimize this workflow.

Just as an update, I started using SIMB and it’s been great! It still has it’s kinks, but it’s a major improvement and it seems to only be getting better.

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