Master board linked to multiple low-level boards

Hi everyone
I’ve been using for a couple of months now, and while it’s been great on the whole, there is one area that is hugely lacking - being able to have a master view of multiple boards where the boards seamlessly link! How have people solved this issue!?
Dashboards are very clunky and I don’t want to see all the information from low-level boards, just specific parts and sometimes even summarised.
The mirroring doesn’t really work well and is so time-consuming to introduce, especially when linking multiple columns to multiple boards.

What I’d like to achieve:
Have one master board, where multiple low level boards are connected. The low level boards are all project boards - tasks specific to a project are listed here. The master board would be a ‘summary’ of every project, showing overall timelines and progress.
Currently if information is updated in one, I have to manually update it in another.

What workarounds have people found? Is looking at a solution for this, as it seems like a fundamental part of PMO program!?

Thanks in advance!


hi @mdurant

Exactly for this reason I developed an integration app call Rollup Multiple Boards. From a “master” board you can create “down-level” (project) boards based on template(s). Each row in the “master” represents a “down-level” board, in your case a project. There are recipes to aggregate data from the down-level boards to the row in the “master”, like:

  • sum (or average, min, max) of number columns
  • % of completion for status columns
  • aggregated timeline (first start to latest end dates)
  • sum of time tracker entries

Let me know if you want to discuss further.


Hi - this sounds exactly what my team need. Do you mean that each “pulse” on a high level board can reflect/show the status (in color or percentage), on a low level board? And that you can have several pulses on this master board that is connected to different low level boards (basically what you wrote, but got all excited here :slight_smile:)
Is is something you buy as an add-on? Please contact me for further info.
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hi @jakobrydberg

Welcome to the awesome community.

Yes, each pulse on a high-level board can create a down-level board from a template. This down-level board is linked to that pulse. If you trigger the down-level board creation from another pulse that pulse will be connected to the second down-level board and so on. There are recipes to aggregate data from supported column types. As an example this is the recipe to create down-level boards (in this case it create a Main board):

Then there are recipes like:

The last recipe will show for each connected down-level board how many statuses in the down-level board are set to Done. It also supports percentages but unfortunately there is now way to create the famous battery bar as there is no API support for this.

More info (including detailed document and video) can be found at: Rollup Multiple Boards | Excellent Team

I work very closely together with the Swedish partner Omnitas (@Thomas-Omnitas) which are experts in implementing and apps developed by Excellent Team.


Hey @mdurant and @jakobrydberg, thanks for posting!

If you’re looking to pull out information only about timeline or status, I would recommend using specific widgets on a dashboard :slight_smile: :

You can then filter these widgets to show only the relevant information.

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@mdurant I have a very similar need and have yet to find a solution. I have spoken with support and my Account Manager but have not found a solution.

I use a couple (unfortunately clunky and manual) workarounds to try to achieve a decent result:

  1. Dashboard where I have to manually add all active boards, then use a calendar widget to display key dates and timeline widget to display more granular tasks.

  2. “Master” board where all requests from my team to create new projects which will warrant a new board land. That way I have all of those in one spot. I then manually link all the project boards using a link column on my master board. Embarrassingly manual, but in the absence of a real solution, has been helpful to me.

Would love to connect and discuss any workarounds or ideas you have!

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@basdebruin - sounds really interesting. Gonna check it out. Thanks for info!

Nice widgets! Will explore this more to see if its a fit for us. Thx!

Hi @mdurant, the company I work for, Unito, has a possible solution to this. You are able to sync boards and create a masterboard - here is a link that you might find helpful, regarding the integration! Let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to help!


My Use:(Board Name)

High Level Board(Company Project Overview)
I have one high level board which i use for total company WIPs which needs to show all the current projects we are working on.

Lower Level Board(Report Requests)
A list of reports requested with each report as a task/pulse & groups being:

  • Next In Queue
  • New
  • Working On
  • Completed

Lower Level Board(Campaign Tracker)
A list of current media campaigns requested with each report as a task/pulse & groups being:

  • New Campaigns
  • Awaiting Approval
  • Amending
  • Approved
  • Live
  • Completed

I would like for the HLB to populate each task in the LLBs & sync

  • Details
  • Dates
  • People
  • Due Date
  • Workflow Stage
  • etc etc

Currently i have to manually do this & i can’t find anything that can assist here in a simple fashion.

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