Connect Boards Limitations Workaround

We have been using a High Level and multiple Low Level boards structure to track our client’s projects. The data from the low-level boards is mirrored to the High level Board (numbers, formulae, statuses). I am just now finding out that there is a limit to the no. of boards that can be connected to a High Level board.

We need anywhere from 100-200 boards that could possibly have to be connected to the High Level board and Monday’s limitations make this tool completely unviable for future use. We’ve spent too much time transferring data, creating automations in Integromat etc so it would be a shame to now have to discard Monday altogether.

What are the possible ways that we can circumvent the Connect Boards limitations?

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Hi @Rohan-TAP - the way we have worked around this in the past. Have a single “master board” where all the tasks from the various project boards are housed. This way your project board columns are a series of mirrored columns from the master board. You would have identifiers in each row sent to the Master board to make it clear what project you are working on.

From there your high level board where you want to reflect overall project status can be connected to master board, so only a single board connection.

This is also very helpful for task executors to see all their tasks in one place across all projects. You could also utilize the My Work view, however this way you see all metrics attached to a project/task.

Additionally, from a reporting perspective via dashboards/etc this makes life simple as you are only connecting your dashboard to a single board, rather than than multiple project boards.

Of course, there are limitations to this approach, but it would get you around your initial issue. If you would like more information in regards to this approach feel free to message me anytime.


Hi @Rohan-TAP,

This suggests to me that it could be good to consider looking at possible ways of restructuring the way you’re tracking the projects and other possibilities as well as looking for that fix to what you’ve currently got. This is a really good opportunity for you to explore what you could get out of if everything were set up just the way you needed it, and it was scalable, so wasn’t going to limit you.

There are plenty of partners out there in the community so you can get a few opinions/options with no obligation to you. Have a look around the Hire an Expert category and you’ll see many people you can reach out to for this.

Your usecase however, sounds all too familiar to me and I know is something upstream can help with. We are Platinum Partners, APAC Partner of the Year for 2020 and Preferred Partners, so a safe and knowledgeable pair of hands.

You’ll have access to our dedicated teams including the Solutions Engineers and our full stack Dev Team who specialise in integrations and custom requirements.

Feel free to drop me an email via or use the below link to book straight into my calendar for a meeting and I can answer any questions you might have.

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Hi @mark.anley , I’m not sure if I understand correctly. Won’t the “master board” run into the same problem of connect board limitations if I were to have individual project boards and have the tasks mirrored from master board to project board?

Just to give a little more detail about the current setup -

We have a Masterboard with all ongoing campaigns for clients. We also have individual campaign boards that house all the deliverables for that campaign. The sub-items for each campaign in the Masterboard are also the deliverables for that campaign and the data is mirrored to the masterboard from the individual campaign boards.

Hi @Rohan-TAP - you would not run into any issues as each row in the master board is connected to a task from a specific campaign board and the connection is made from the campaign board, not the master (1-way connection).

Basedo n your description, if I have this correct, your “masterboard” is basically a one-liner for every campaign (we would normally call this an overview board). And then you have a separate board with the individual tasks for each campaign, this is ties back to the masterboard and mirrors overall status.

What I do not understand is your mention of subitems? “The sub-items for each campaign in the Masterboard are also the deliverables for that campaign and the data is mirrored to the masterboard from the individual campaign boards” So do you have the tasks duplicated? Once in the individual board and then as subitems in the masterboard?


Hey @mark.anley , that is correct. Items from campaign boards are mirrored to the sub items in the Masterboard. It allows us to “sum” up numbers, formulae etc (show summary on parent item) from all the individual items to get the overall status for each campaign in the Masterboard.

Thanks @Rohan-TAP for the explanation.

Quick question, how are you managing the connection between the task on the campaign board and the corresponding subitem on the masterboard? Are you manually creating the tasks in both and connecting them? Just attempting to get the full picture :smiley:

@mark.anley , I have boards, item creation, column data, & linking automated through Integromat. Just need to fill a Jotform with the campaign data.

@Rohan-TAP - I hear you - I’m expecting to run into a very similar problem with my implementation in the near future :slight_smile:

Do you need to copy/create sub-items on the Master board for summing up, though? Can you not sum up on the individual Campaign boards, then simply mirror that summed value to your Master Board?