Nonprofit needs advice on hierarchy, linkage and boards for big number of projects and departments

I volunteer full-time for a nonprofit thinking of using Monday. We have many websites to raise awareness about modern slavery, extreme poverty and climate change; and other websites to help other nonprofits raise money for their causes. We handle most of them with a Wordpress tool that allows us to deploy plugins and framework updates, and do backups and many other things from one screen, and thereby can handle 90 websites at a moderate cost. Monday seems like a fit because: 1) we have 60 part-time volunteers doing most of the work including writing, web dev and marketing. 2) They volunteer an average of 8 months, so their final day is often part-way through a few projects. New vols need to see the project/task details, history, discussion etc. 3) When a new person with a certain skill starts, we need to be able to see all tasks that need that skill; and easily assign them.

Our main challenge with Monday is the limit of 10 boards feeding to 1 dashboard for the Pro plan. I can explain later why Enterprise doesn’t seem feasible for us. I’ve read many posts at this forum trying to figure out how we can work around the limit, and have a few questions that would help a lot:

A1) Are groups kind of unique to each board? Or, can we create a set of groups, and have them in use use at various boards … and also set up a dashboard that display the contents from what are in 1 group name at many boards? If yes to the latter, we could have 1 board for each of the 9 major skills. Then make a group for each website, and each “skill” board would have lots of groups: one group for each website that has tasks needing that skill. Most sites have a few low-priority web dev tasks, so the web dev board would have 70+ groups (websites) in it.

A2) Then for each site, we’d have a dashboard divided by the skill types, showing all the tasks for each skill. In this set-up, could we edit the items at both the boards and dashboards? That’s likely key.

B) If the above aren’t doable, is it possible to divide boards by things other than Groups. For example, can we divide a board by Project, Category or a custom field? If yes, do you think we could still do the basics of approach A above and have each website be a Project or Category or custom field …so at the board for Web Dev, there are headings for all the website names? With this set-up, can we have a dashboard for each website that displays the content of the 9 skills boards that relate to that website? And can the dashboard be editable?

C) Is there a better appoach than the above? I read this thread, but the potential idea seems to lack editing at the other screens: Connect Boards Limitations Workaround

This user seems to take an approach of combining many boards into “summary boards” and then pull data from those summary boards into a sort of master dashboard Please Clarify & Post Platform Limitations He initially says the master page won’t load, but later says it will, but concludes Monday isn’t good for large amounts of data, so I’m not sure if his approach solves what I’m trying to do … including would the master dashboard be editable?

If it would help you to see examples of our sites, many are linked to here: I greatly appreciate any advice and ideas.