Portfolio resource management and capacity planning advice


I’m looking for advice on how other people use Monday to do (people) resource management and capacity planning?

My original plan (following advice from Monday) was to create a dashboard with the workload widget, and link every project in our portfolio to this. Each project contains the estimate and work breakdown so this would have worked really well for us.
However Monday restrict the number of project boards that can be linked to one dashboard (20 for pro, 50 for enterprise) and we have more projects than this so the solution isn’t going to work for us.
The reason for linking all projects in a portfolio was to be able to track work across all teams in one place, and all teams can work on multiple projects, interacting with other teams.

Are there any other examples of how Monday can be used to manage an entire portfolio of work and plan resources and capacity over a portfolio of projects?

Hello Katie,

The dashboard limitations are indeed very annoying. Monday is actually pretty bad for portfolio management.

One thing I’ve done to get a dashboard of 50+ projects is to create several Master Boards that each mirror the key information of individual boards. Then create a dashboard that connects to the Master Boards so you can theoretically get the data of up to 60x50=3000 boards all in one place. However, it is very limited. Not all data can be easily mirrored onto a Master Board.

If that doesn’t work, your only other option is pretty much to use the API to extract and analyze the data externally.

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Thanks Bob! It does sound like a bit of a pain, will look into what it takes to go with your approach!

Hi @katiesquire,

There is another way and we have many clients managing their portfolio with large amounts of data!

Check out this video of how we build and all of this can be customized to your workflow and structure!

Hopefully this triggers some ideas for you!

Mike B
Automation Architect

Hi @katiesquire and @bob1 , if you are working with different boards with similar items on it, perhaps our app “Same Item Multiple Boards by Formula Lookout” can sync your items across all your boards. I would love to invite you over to a user interview and to discuss this if you want.