Need Unlimited Boards in Workload Widget

Hello Monday community,

My feature request involves the ability to create a Dashboard with a Workload widget in it that can include an unlimited amount of boards. Not having the ability to do this is preventing the adoption of Monday within my firm and our full integration as well as gaining 500+ users. I know because I have championed this all the way to the top, onboarding our CEO, Senior VP’s and Officers who would be excited to use Monday firmwide if this feature was available.

Here is what I mean…

I am a Landscape Architect for a 500+ person firm located in Jacksonville, FL. We have offices throughout the US and a few abroad so collaborating in Monday is key. Being limited to a fixed number of boards is preventing our full adoption of Monday. Each project manager in my group, only one of many more, has an average of 10 projects each. 10 projects x 16 project managers = 160 boards. We host production meetings to discuss workload and unfortunately, there isn’t one place to view our capacity because of the Workload board limits.

This has fractured our ability to see who is fully utilized in one place. Our only workaround is to jump to each project managers Dashboards to view their Workload then return to our projects to assign the work.

The unfortunate side of this is I was a huge Asana user before joining the Monday commune. Asana has this ability baked into their software, Monday doesn’t. I am beginning to contemplate heading back home but I like the vibe here if you get my drift.


Thank you for your time. Give me a shout if I can help.

  • David

Hi David,

My name is Zak Meiri, and I’m a Product Manager at FormRally. We are a boutique firm of software experts creating custom solutions for clients already familiar with Monday but who feel they have reached its limitations. So, pretty much exactly what you’re experiencing right now.

I’m confident our team can find some kind of workaround. I’d love to jump on a call to hear more about what’s going and get a breakdown over to them to see how we can solve this for you.

What is your availability over the next couple days?


Zak Meiri
Product Manager, FormRally

Hi David , you can check this article that explains the Master Board concept that solves that limitation.