Feature Requests

I have a few feature requests for Monday.com which I would love to see get implemented. (I’ve put them down in Wishlist order)

"Apply to all boards" button
My main uses for dashboards on monday.com is productivity tracking and task management .
I currently have 11 boards for my team which all relate to separate projects that we work on every day. I have 15 dashboards for the following:

  • 1 for Productivty Tracking
  • 7 Daily task tracking for each team member (For which I have 7 in my team), where they can see their assigned tasks for that day
  • 7 for a log for the previous week, where they can see all the tasks that was assigned to them last week

Whenever I create a new dashboard for my team I have to redo the same filter 11 times for every board I need to link to. If there was an “Apply to all boards” button it would make my life so much easier.

"Able to add a filter that doesn’t currently match anything"
This is related to the above. Sometimes I need to update the filters across different dashboards where I need to set say “Person X = Bob, and the task is set for today”
If board A has an item that meets this it will let me add the feature fine. But if Board B does not meeting either of those requirement it won’t let me add it. This means I have to go to the board, create a dummy task to match the filter I want to create → Back to the dashboard and create the filter → Back to the board to delete the dummy task.
This normally bites me when:

  • Creating a new board and adding it to all my dashboards
  • Adding a new widget to a dashboard and filtering that widget, but at the time of creating the widget they don’t have a task that meets the desired criteria (Happens a lot when you have 8 team members working 11 projects)

Can only see tasks assigned to you
In order for one of my widgets in my productivity dashboard to work, I need a board on monday.com which logs their total hours worked / days of sick / Weekly Effectiveness and Efficiency
In order to assign my team to these tasks they need to be added to the board, but so they cannot see everyone else’s data they have all been restricted in view. (All they can see is the task name and the person assigned, none of the other data)
I would like the option for I guess… “Board Permissions” where a user can see all the columns on the board for only the tasks that have been assigned to them.
So Bob can see: total hours worked / days of sick / Weekly Effectiveness and Efficiency on every task assigned to him, but he cannot see any of Dave’s or Claire’s tasks in that board.