Dashboard functionality for multi-board overview

My team uses monday.com to plan and track our marketing campaigns, as well as other marketing initiatives and projects.

I need to create dashboards that provide different views and insights into campaigns (which each have their own board): from a high-level overview of goings on for our leadership, to a detailed view of working timelines for resource planning. We have an Enterprise account, which I believe allows up to 25 boards per dashboard.

I’ve experienced some surprising shortfalls for a tool as popular as monday.com, and would appreciate any tips the community or monday team have for getting around them!

My needs below are pretty standard for a dashboard, so I’d love to see the functionality added to the platform in the near future.


I had hoped I’d be able to use a “smart” way to include boards into our dashboard(s), so that I didn’t have to manually add and remove them from dashboards as we complete some campaigns and begin others. Options I expected/attempted to use include:

  • List item pulling all boards from a certain folder or workspace

  • List item pulling all boards where title contains a certain word or set of characters

  • List item pulling boards based on a status or label of some sort (e.g. the “if X = true, add board to dashboard” approach you’d use to filter data into reports/dashboards in other tools)

After much research, trial and error and speaking to support, it seems the only way to add boards was to search for them and manually check the boxes, and that I’d manually have to remove them when complete as well.

If the community has any tips to get around this, I’m all ears!


A standard part of any dashboard is titles of the chart therein. Titles essentially tell the user what they are looking at - similar to the way that charts and graphs in journals or newspapers always have titles. Without them, the charts have far less value, as they leave the user guessing at what the source or application of the data is.

I have not been able to figure out a way to add titles to widgets, so instead have added text widgets above each graphic/visualization widget on the dashboard to tell the user what they are looking at below.

If anyone has figured out how to add custom titles to widgets, please let me know!


I also wanted to provide a view of items across boards over time - essentially a Gantt view of the tasks within different boards. This helps us see what work is taking place concurrently over multiple campaigns.

I attempted to create this view with timeline widget in a dashboard, with Gantt mode switched on. However, the scroll is so long within this single widget that the user can’t see all tasks for even one board on one screen, let alone for a multi-board view. The scroll is also not intuitive, so when the user is trying to move through the full dashboard, they can get stuck scrolling forever on a timeline widget rather than being able to move to other widgets.

I have implemented this widget anyway (with Gantt off, to somewhat mitigate the scroll issue), but the experience and insight provided is sub-optimal, given the shortfalls mentioned above. Would appreciate any suggestions for getting around this!

Hey, were you able to find a solution to your second issue ( 2. DASHBOARD WIDGET TITLES)? If I understand correctly (which I may not), then I believe I have a solution for that.

I whipped up a quick dashboard with random data and added the battery and chart widgets, where you can see I have changed the names of each.

Is this what you were trying to accomplish? Let me know if that is indeed the functionality you’re trying to add and I can provide further explanation!

Thanks @cspalding ! You are awesome. The widgets I use are timeline, calendar and workload. Have you found a title option on those?