Calendaring Items from multiple boards

We are new users of with the Standard package. We are a law office. We have many cases to track, each case with multiple deadlines and multiple events like court appearances. We need to be able to view these on a master calendar, and also want to avoid duplicate entries of items. We have found dashboards too limiting, because we have way more Boards (if we do one board per case) than the maximum number of boards per dashboard. I suspect there might be a way to do this by Connecting multiple boards to a master board with Connected Boards and Mirrored columns, but so far have failed in trying to set this up. Has anyone succeeded in finding a way to create a Calendar View that can list the Items from multiple boards (beyond the current limit on dashboards)?

Hey Kurt,

Welcome to the platform and community - we are excited to have you with us :blush:

I understand you’re running into some limitations with our dashboards. Incase it’s worth considering, I did want to mention that on our Pro plan you can connect up to 20 boards per dashboard and on the Enterprise plan this extends to 50 boards.

In regard to connecting and mirroring, whilst you can connect items and mirror the date column from those connected items, the mirrored date column in the calendar will display for the native items, and not for those connected items. Whilst you can color by the connected board column (to differentiate between the native date column and the mirrored date column for the native item), the actual items in the calendar will reference the native items, not the connected items… apologies if this is confusing, let me know!

Thank you. 20 would probably still not be sufficient; and even 50 may not be–plus, we are a small operation, so Enterprise is probably more expensive than we would want.

I believe on the date question, what you are saying is that if I look at the “main” view for a board, I can see in the Mirrored Column dates from the Connected Board, the calendar view only reads dates from the Board’s own date column, not a date column from a connected board.

I have come up with a different way to approach what I am wanting to do, but need to confer with my paralegal as to whether my idea looks workable in the real world.