Viewing summary of data across all boards

I’d very much like somebody from Monday to please explain to me the logic of selling a plan that lets you build more than 20 boards but limits you to viewing combined data from only 20.

I have, currently, 40 boards, each representing a single client retainer. I cannot get a full picture of each team member’s workload or their availability. It’s impossible to manage people who work on multiple projects without being able to see what they have across all projects, not just a set number.

I’m told I can upgrade and pay more to see the data I need, but only up to 50 boards, so if we grow as a business, we still won’t be able to see our resource utilisation properly and plan based on what we have available?

Hi @Mindy - this is certainly a serious limitation of monday that should be improved in the future with the slow release of their new architecture. There are a few options in the meantime. In these scenarios when the active boards outnumber the connection limits we look towards creating a Master Board.

Basically, this puts all your tasks from all your boards into a single Master Board, the columns are then mirrored from the single master board down to your individual client boards. You can then do your “big picture” reporting from the Master board, and also have it connected to an Overview board to see a simple snapshot of each client. This way you never hit the connection limits as you are reporting from a single board.

There are limitations to this approach however (specifically the use of subitems and update sharing) so depending on your current designs in could be an option. You also need to consider the amount of data (number of items & number of individual connections…you are allowed 10k each).

There are also some paid apps that can help with this depending on your situation, one we have used in the past is Rollup Multiple Boards

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to reach out anytime.


@Mindy I agree that this is a very frustrating limitation of that our team deals with as well.
One workaround that helps is in some use cases is the “My Work” view. You can customize the My Work view to show another person’s (or multiple people at once) tasking which can help get an idea of workload and availability, but this is obviously not as built out as the actual workload widget where you are limited to a certain number of boards.

This allows us to see across more than the allotted boards for our plan, but the columns are limited so it’s not ideal, but helps us a bit until Monday addresses this issue.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve started building dashboards for individual team members to see each person’s work - but now I’m struggling to see overdue tasks unless I go to My Work. There just doesn’t seem a way of monitoring a single person’s progress easily, which just seems massively counterintuitive for a platform like this.

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We use Monday to track client onboarding and have over 50 clients in various stages of onboarding at any given time, with more to come as we expand, so it is very disappointing to learn of this limitation for us as well. Each board has the same onboarding tasks and I assumed it would be easy to report on task start and end dates across all of our clients in onboarding so that we can establish a benchmark for onboarding task completion time and try to make improvements from there.

There is no intuitive way to divide our boards into separate dashboards other than perhaps by contract start month (this won’t actually work for us since we have more than 20 clients start in a month, and we do not need any of the features in the enterprise plan other than more connections) but it would of course be much more useful to be able to report on all data at once and drill down into start month if we wanted to look at that angle specifically.

hi @Casey

From what I understand from your use case (all boards are from the same template) the Rollup Multiple Boards app could be the perfect solution. The app provides a master board where each item represents a detail (client) board and rolls up all the information from those detail boards.

Thanks Bas, that app does look promising. I’m hesitant to ask my boss to spend € 289 on an app to augment an app we already pay for but it may be the only solution outside of exporting everything to a spreadsheet, which is what we came to Monday to graduate from in the first place. I will also try to create a Zapier connection to send data to Google Sheets when an onboarding is completed since we already use Zapier.

Hi all :slight_smile:

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Kanbanify app in the marketplace!

Kanbanify streamlines your workflow by connecting multiple boards to one powerful Kanban view where you can add filters to prioritize your/your teams work and stay focused.

There is also a free plan to get you started!

This is just the beginning! We’re constantly adding new features based on your feedback. Let us know what you think and suggest features you’d love to see!

Thank you,

Stela (Head of marketing)