Increase board to dashboard limit beyond 50 boards

We would like to see the board limit increase over the current max of 50 to pull into dashboards and MyWork. 75 would be ideal. We have a very robust account where we manage over a thousand active projects with thousands of items and sub-items (we exclusively assign work at the sub-item level) across multiple workspaces. Because of how our work is organized and the scale of the work we do, it is unrealistic to organize that in few than 50 boards. Our current workaround is to consolidate as much as we can into fewer than 50 boards and to use views to segment work. But we’ve reached the threshold of what we can consolidate, especially as our business grows. We also have to workaround by creating multiple dashboards - which causes a pain point for certain data points that we need to see across our entire organization.

We would also like to see the board limit per dashboard increase beyond 50. We are hoping to build a 360 view of our customer information in a single place, with each customer having their own workspace and individual boards within to then build a dashboard to see trends across all customers. This would mean we’d pull data from more than 50 boards as we have 6 unique customers right now and continuing to grow.

I think we may be able to consolidate some of the data into a few boards but this makes it less scalable.