20 Board Limit on Dashboards MUST Increase

I still can’t believe there is a 20 board limit that can be pulled into dashboards (although we have a little more after speaking to Monday).

We create new boards for each client so all project comms and tasks and client specific (Combining clients into the same board simply does not work). We have a dashboard to show our scheduling workload across all team members, each who touch every client at some point, and we can only pull in a limited number of boards into the dashboard which makes reporting pointless as it is inaccurate as it will not pull in all boards. My team and having to use spreadsheets instead, which doubles up work and makes using Monday a little redundant. This must increase if Monday wishes to stay competitive as other platforms, like ClickUp, have no limit… although I am not a fan of their system. I don’t want to move from Monday but it is becoming an issue.

I can’t be the only one who has reported this?

Please update this feature.

i am having this same issue as well and see that this actually goes back as far as 2020 with little progress

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Yes! I am having the same frustration and losing my team’s faith in Monday because of all the workarounds.

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If you have 10, 20, 100 or even more projects I would consolidate these projects to one board and do the workload and other dashboard functions from that board.

That also eliminates reconfiguring your dashboard widgets when new projects are started.

The Rollup Multiple Boards app creates project boards from templates and aggregate all kind of colum to give a full overview of a project per item.

@basdebruin Can you give an example of how this works by linking somewhere or sharing a screenshot? I’m trying to wrap my head around how we would structure a single board to handle every project.

Hi @parisvega

A good start can be found here 20|Rollup Multiple Boards - Excellent Team. This app aggregates all kind of data into one board (e.g. %Done, People assigned, Sum of number, Average etc.). This single master board can than be used to feed into a dashboard. The linked page contains a detail document how the app works and a “Try me” link.

Hi @ChrisTMA ,

I just finished a project where client had more than 1500+ boards and wanted to consolidate data to pull visualization and send it to their clients. This was not possible within Monday.

So, We used Monday.com API to pull all the data from each board, consolidate them together and save it in a database following which created a dashboard using other visualization tool.

Now the process is automated and client has access to their data also.

I REALLY need this limit to increase as well. The way we use this software is that each client has a board they are subscribed to so they can see their projects in their board. Then we view all of them at once. I have a lot more than 20 clients so we are having to try to add/remove boards to the dashboard and do dashboards alphabetically. Its a huge pain. I just want to be able to add at least 100 boards to a dashboard if not unlimited.

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have you found a solution?

can we connect? my email is simonloge@icloud.com would love to hear how you did this!!