Increase board limit on Workload dashboard

Would it be possible to increase the maximum number of boards that can be connected to a workload dashboard. It is currently 50 and my team are working on more than 50 projects at the moment. The workaround I have is to have multiple workload dashboards for the team but it would be great to see the whole team in one place.

We need also 50 to 75 boards. Would be nice.

Yep, this is a major pain point for us too - there is an app we’ve installed and pay for which does provide a view of all tasks across all boards (not just 50) but it’s a dashboard in it’s own right, so you can’t use it to create the workload view for example. At the moment, we’re having to create duplicate items once an item is assigned and has dates, into a separate board with a workload view set up, so we can see all workload across 100+ boards. However, the issue is that if anything changes (e.g. dates change or person is reassigned), this is not automatically updated in the workload view, so we then have to regularly manage duplicates and which are the most up to date version! Nightmare!

We are experiencing the same problem. It is really too bad that you can’t link more boards to a workload or management dashboard. We are a medium size company and we have around 80 projects.