Workload View: Please increase 10 board limit to 20?

I was sooo excited to show my boss a proof-of-concept of using the Workload View for our capacity management across Monday projects in separate boards. I was saddened when I went to implement a full demonstration when I hit the 10 board limit. My heart is broken with this powerful new capability: it is teasing me beyond my reach. We need at least 20 Monday board projects at a time. Sigh…is this possible?

Hey @jpdow01 have a look here:

I’ve already asked for a similar request, so please vote in order to get a response by Monday’s staff.


Thanks Pablo. I agree with your request and voted for that. I just had covinced my boss to go with Pro - there is no way we will be able to upgrade to Enterprise. 10 projects is not very usable. Jim

Agreed. Same here.

These arbitrary board limits in Monday are really frustrating and prevent full use of features which should be account-wide.

We have dozens of boards, so any limit is painful.

Monday is making a lot of noise about being a Work OS then they throw in random roadblocks like this which prevent the software from sprouting wings and flying.