Ability to "select all boards" within dashboard widgets

Our team uses over 40 boards. I’m excited about the new ‘workload’ widget, but need all of my team’s work visible to make it accurate & useful. Currently we are limited to selecting 10 boards, so the information is only 1/4 of my team’s actual workloads.

Unless there is a way to select all your boards and I just can’t find it…

Hey @eglasier
Welcome to the community and thanks for reaching out!

I’ve sent you a message in private about this :slight_smile:

Hi Julia, I am looking to do the same in terms of selecting all boards to a workload widget. Can you let me know how this can be done?

Hello @Julia-monday.com I’d love to speak to someone about this as well. We’re a smaller company so Enterprise doesn’t seem to be the right fit but we’re already over that 25 board limit anyway. We would love to be able to have more boards talk to each other in the dashboard for capacity and scheduling management.

This would be a nice feature to have.

Or to be able to select all of the boards within a folder - that would work too

True, we also asked about this. There is no point in the dashboard with the restrictions.

What is the reason to limit this on 10 boards. Is this for performance issues? Is this to try to get companies to enterprise?
For me it is a bit annoying not being able to use the battery and the resource planner to its full potential since we work on more then ten boards. Weird.

Agreed. I can’t think of any other similar software which imposes such arbitrary limits when most of us want to see data for all boards, account-wide.