Workload of employees

Hey guys,

so far Monday looks really interesting. We’re a design / development agency and we’re having many projects running at the same time. As I’m the project manager I would like to achieve proper resource planing with Monday. I imagine it this way:

  1. Every task in a board has an estimated time we define manually when we assign tasks to employees. Let’s say we have task a) with 2 hours estimated due today.

  2. In a different board we have task b) with 7.5 hours estimated due today.

  3. In the resource planning I can now see that the employee has task a+b with a total of 9.5 hours. As we’re only working 8 hours a day, I know that my employee has too many tasks.

Is there a way to achieve this scenario?

Thanks so much!


Hi @schlauchius

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We’re about to release a new widget in the dashboards which should cover most of what you describe. The feature is in beta right now - if you’d like to test it, let us know and we’ll grant it to you?



Yes please, can you activate it for my account? Thanks so much. Also a quick explanation how it works would be awesome.

Hi there! Would love to be in the beta and try it as well. Could you activate it on our The LINKS workspace please?

Hi there @schlauchius! I have just granted this feature to your account. You can use it both as a board view as well as a dashboard widget. We will release the help article once it is out of beta, so thank you for your patience! Let us know if you have any questions in the meantime!

HI there @Guillaume! Done! Let us know if you have any feedback regarding it!

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Thank you! I cannot find it, what name should i look for?

Hi there @Guillaume its called Scope both as a board view and as a widget within the Dashboard.

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HI @naomiCSM Can I please have access to this on our account too. I’d love to try out Scope. Been waiting for a feature like this.

Can you grant us access too?

Hi Julia! Could you please activate it in my acccount? Thanks, André

Hi naomiCSM. Could you please enable this feature in my account also? Thks, Andre

Hi there,

Can you let me know your email so I can add it to your account?

Hi naomiCSM. My email is
Thank you!

Hi naomiCSM. The feature hasn’t been enabled yet in my account. When it will be available for me?

Same here @naomiCSM.

I cannot see Scope anywhere in my account. When will it be available?

Hi Julia. Could you please add this widget to my account? Thank you.

Hello @naomiCSM,
We tried the new widget and we’ve got some questions/feedbacks about it:

  • The widget does what we were looking for
  • But, will it be possible in the future to add more than 10 boards? We have to track more than 50 boards each week.
  • Will it be possible to automatically add new boards to the widget? It’s not possible for us to add each board manually and we may forget to add new ones.

Thank you ! please can you activate this to my account?

Hi, could you please activate this for my account?