Ability to "select all boards" within dashboard widgets

When we signed up to Monday.com it never even occurred to us that a board limit would exist. We assumed that all functionality would be account-wide.

Based on my reading of these forums, most people here seem to work with dozens of active boards, often constantly changing.

So I hope Monday.com have these orders of magnitudes in mind when reviewing board limits vs system performance? Simply doubling or tripling allowances won’t address the issue as far as I can see.

The other issue with board limits is changing which boards are required to be connected to Dashboards.

We often archive boards and create new ones. Updating the boards linked to dashboard widgets is another layer of admin which it seems we must keep track of and manually update. Can Monday provide a better updating option?

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There are steps being done towards this.
We (everyone with access to monday.labs) just got the new beta features “Use Dashboard cache” and “New dashboards data structure” both features are proof that we are moving in the right direction. Especially the latter is revolutionary for the Dashboard load times. Instead of loading the board(s) ones per widget the Dashboard now loads the board(s) ones for the entire Dashboard and apply the data to all widgets. This is also what allows for Global Dashobard filtering.

IMO this means that we are close co a much higher (maybe even unlimited) count of boards per dashboard.

I know that the devs are working in parallell with making adding board(s) of similar type (based on same template) easier and without need of configuration.


Good to hear. Achieving unlimited boards would be a massive step forward.

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@Danielle-monday.com would you be able to provide an update on ETA? The limit on boards per dashboard is becoming a real issue for us - especially because there don’t seem to be any workarounds.



+1 needing this over here. This limitation also aplies to custom made monday apps?

Hi @Danielle-monday.com,

We are also very interested to know and hear more about the feature to have a higher (maybe unlimited) count of boards per dashboard, especially for the work load widget.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Hi @Danielle-monday.com any updates on this feature?

We are transitioning from Asana to Monday.com and this is a critical tool for us. Seeing all of our boards in one place with estimated hours (either in workload widget or ‘my week’ view) is huge.


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@Julia-monday.com & @Danielle-monday.com,

I am slightly surprised I haven’t heard anything from anyone from the Monday team.

Look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Kind regards,

@Julia-monday.com @Danielle-monday.com

Hi, we are new to Monday and really disappointed that there is this limitation on dashboards.

I hope you can give us an answer soon. it’s really annoyng situation. Nobody has tell us about this limitation during the purchase meetings.


Hi @Thomas-Omnitas @Danielle-monday.com @Julia-monday.com Do you have any updates on this matter please? Our small company requires more than 10 boards to be included in our widgets asap. This is currently limiting our reporting capabilities, which is why we chose Monday.com in the first place. Many thanks.

I know it probably isn’t the answer you were looking for. But if you need more than 10 boards per Dashboard/ widget, you will have to upgrade to Enterprise where you will have capacity up to 50 boards per Dashboard.

Hey @Thomas-Omnitas and @jelitots if you open a ticket with Monday Sale’s Team, telling about your necessity, it’s possible that they grows your quantity of boards per widget. In my company, we have 20 boards. I almost left the Monday because of this limitation, when they give to me this possibility, I stayed and stay up to now, satisfied. :vulcan_salute:

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If that’s true, that’s poor business by Monday.com. Should be available to everyone.

We’re trialling other solutions because of this crippling limitation too.

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you’re correct @JohnW but I understand that the reason of this is for understand whats the customers need. If a lot of customers need the same thing, the business plan default might be change.

Thanks so much for the tip!

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