Link High Level to tiered Low Level

I am looking for someone to share their workflow of High-Level -> a Tier of Low-Level boards for strategic planning.

We want to use Monday for our Strategic Plan to track goals, objectives, strategies, and projects, in a manner that will allow our entire team to see how they fit into the big picture.


I would love to see examples of this too. This is something my team has been struggling with since starting Monday.

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@cfraticelli where are you getting stuck with this process? I have a basic framework we are using but the workflow it limited.

We get stuck at the project level, we need a board for each project and at times we find the need to have sub-boards within projects. We need this Information from multiple low level boards to be viewable in high level without having to constantly link boards from both sides. We tried the Alpha of the multi board linking but it’s still quite limited. We need the low level boards to see high level boards without having to create a link. Boards need be two way sync.

I believe for this type of workflow we will need multi table linking with mirroring, sub tasks, and bidirectional data relationships between boards.

That’s where my team is at. We have several departments which makes our high level board a NIGHTMARE to navigate. Right now, we have 30 COLUMNS on our Project Management Board which makes it difficult to get a quick overview.

I’d like the ability to have different groups have different columns, would love the bidirectional data relationships between boards, but if I can’t have that, I NEED a clear, simplified, example of how Monday utilizes a high level board with several, almost a dozen, low level boards.


I saw a preview of their sub-tasks, they are definitely going to help.

You did! That’s GREAT to hear. In the past I’ve used ClickUp which featured subtasks, keyboard shortcuts, and a lot of the same functionality as Monday. The only thing that kept me with Monday is the ability to automate tasks and mirror columns (even if it’s a pain to do). Being able to use subtasks like in ClickUp would be AMAZING!