Automation between groups


if i have 1 group as a summery of all other groups,
and i want to show auto progress, for example:

group: On Boarding (Success) has 4 items (so is 100/4=25)
and i want to set automation that each time status/progress change on this board update the Summery board with the process.

I have created this kind of automation in an app. The difference is that I use it between boards (1 master - many detailed boards). Currently available are:

  • statuses - report % of a status (e.g. Done) to master board
  • numbers - report an average number to master board
  • timeline - report an overall timeline to a master board

Doing the same for a progress tracker is not possible as the automation can’t read and write this column type. This is a monday limitation.

I can rewrite the existing automations to work between groups in the same board (1 master group and many detailed groups). If there is enough interest to change the automations to group level, let me know.