Rolling up of all task status in a group to update a task in a different group


Is it possible to have a number of tasks in one group eg: A list of 6 key tasks that relate to one Milestone? Then when each of those tasks are marked as Done, the status of the overall milestone task is updated within a different group?

I only want the overall task status changed when all of the 6 tasks have been marked as Done in that first group. Not when just one of those tasks have been completed.

I could see an automation to do one task only but couldnt work out how to apply this to the completed status for the entire group of tasks. Is this possible?

Actually i believe knowing how to ‘roll up’ a set of tasks could also be something that is linked to a high level board. So would be interested to know how to apply this as one task within one of my groups too.

Thank you

Hey @slash, we don’t have an automation exactly like this, but what would you think about using the following automation as a start?

With this you could notify yourself when all tasks have been marked complete, and then you could manually change the status of the overall milestone task in a different group.

Is the milestone task in a different/high-level board as well? If so, I’m wondering if mirroring status columns could help here :blush:

Thank you.

If I were to use mirroring status columns for a high level board, could you please detail the steps to do this.


Hi @slash, Sharon,

It looks like an interesting use case that can be solved with the use of webhooks and Integromat or with an Integromat that runs every x minutes. The Integromat scenario would check all groups and statuses of the items within the group. When all statuses are set to done, it looks for the “overal” item and set that status to Done. You can’t prevent that the board owner sets the overall status to Done manually, although this could trigger Integromat to kind of undo the manual status change.

Together with another power user (@PedroM) we are about to launch a webiste where users can try / buy these kind of more complex scenarios. Sent me a PM if you are interested.

Have fun and stay healthy.

Hey @slash! To set up a mirror column on the high level board, you can add a mirror column as well as a link to item column. Then, in the link to item column select the items from the lower-level board. Let me know how this goes!

Hi @slash, Sharon et al

Looks like the app feature I build (Report Status to Main) does exactly that. It takes a group of items in a detailed board and reports % of completion (like “64% Done”) to a single item in the master board. You can have as many detailed boards as you want. The boards are linked by a column in the master board holding a “MatchID” and detailed boards with [MatchID] in the board title. More info can be found here Monday app with automations released