Move tasks to another board but same group name

Hello everyone, I would like to implement the following scenario with Monday:

Scenario: My tasks should disappear (not deleted or archived) if they are marked with the status “Done”. For this I created another board with the same number of groups (the groups are named the same in both boards).

The groups are called e.g. Copywriting, Funnel.

As soon as the task is marked with “Done”, it should now be moved to the second board and assigned to the group of the same name.

Brief description:
Board 1: Task in the group “Copywriting”. Is marked with “Done”.
Board 2: The task is moved to the new board and also ends up in the “Copywriting” group.

Can someone help me?

Thank you!


The item a group is in is not yet accessible for decision logic in automations. Here are two options:

  1. Add a status column that would mirror the group an item is in and use that to create a custom automation of the form: “When Status changes to Done and GroupStatus is Copywriting move item to Board2” (setting the Group to Copywriting in item parameters)

  2. Use a monday integration in the form: “When Status changes to Done send a webhook” to call a webhook in Integromat (or similar) to do the move when Status.