Move item to MAIN GROUP automation

Hi all, unaware if this is actually doable or not, but it is not currently working for me.

I have on this specific board a recurring automation setup so that every month a new group is created, this is then linked to a chart that shows only current months data.
The thing is, I would like to perzonalize the “move item” automation so that the item is moved not to the same group every time, but moves to the main group. It appears that when you make this automation there is the option available, but it won’t allow me to choose it.

Here you can see there’s the May and July groups, and there is an option that says “main group, (now july)” but I cannot press it, meaning I need to choose a static group which I would have to manually update every month and I do not want that.

Hopefully this is something that exists and maybe I’m just not understaing how to do it…

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @marcepz - I believe that is referring to what in English is called the “Top Group”. You’ll notice as you use monday that there is a special treatment for the “top group” in places like Dashboards and other reporting. Try this: Set up a board email address by going to Board Settings > Create items by email. Send an email into the board to create a new item and you will see a new group appear called something like “Incoming Items”. Then see if you can now select that new group.

When we are providing consulting and training services for our clients, we always cover this, as it’s not obvious in monday․com how to get the special top group to show up. We recommend using it as a triage area, or in your case, for recurring work.

Let me know if that helps!

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Hi @PolishedGeek!

Thank you for the response, unfortunately it didn’t quite pan out so I still have the same issue… however now that I know the correct name for that group I searched for it on the forum and apparently it just doesn’t work like that.

On another similar topic they suggested using the top group to contain the new items and then at the first of each month, move them to the corresponding month group. That way you always have new items on the top group and then just kind of start over every new month.
It’s not as straightforward but I guess it’ll do for now!

Thanks again,