Complex Automating of new group creation and moving of items

Hi everyone,

I have a complex problem that goes like this:

  • My staff use a form that adds one item to a board every day
  • we track it under a group called “current week”
  • At the end of the week we need to manually create a new group called “date of last week” using the actual date numbers
  • and we move all the items from last week into that group
  • this leaves the current week group ready for the new forms that will fill it in the new week

Example, from 22 Nov to 29 Nov we get a new form every day that fills current week. On 30 November we manually create a group called “22 to 29 Nov” and we manually move all the items in it. The top group stays ready for the new forms that will come in for 30 Nov to 5 Dec.

I’d like to automate the creation of the group and the moving of the items. The creation of the group I can do with “every time period” but then every group name would need to be the same (not the end of the world). But I can’t move items between groups every time period.

can anyone help with this? I’m flexible on group naming and things that don’t have a material effect on the work.


Hello @thedandyco,

You can achieve this using the Duplicates and Uniques app. This will involve creating a template and then running that template at the desired time intervals. Here is a video that shows how the move operation works. The video demonstrates how to move duplicates but in your case, you will need to select “Any” in Step 3 and in Step 4, choose the option to “Create a new group”.
For the integration, the one shown below will be useful for your case:

Hope this helps. If you have any further questions, you can always reach out at
Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks. Appreciate you sending this and it looks great. We’re not currently adding outside apps into, but if we do in the future we will consider this.

Anyone else have a workaround that’s already in Monday functionality?