Automation: move to group based on due date upon item creation?

I’m trying to find/create an automation that will automatically move a newly created item to a group (This Week, Next Week, This Month, Later) based on the due date - at the time the item is created.

All I can find is the “When date arrives”, or days before date arrives. I don’t want the trigger to be the date arriving, I want it to be “when the item is created AND the date is _______, move to group ____”. Otherwise, the items won’t sort as they are created, they will sort at a particular time as scheduled. Is there a way to do this?

hi @KimberlyMc

Welcome to the community. There is an app called “Date Controlled Groups” - see You can build integrations like these:

The top 3 defines the rule and the last one (optional) reorganizes the items every day / week / month at a given time.

For new items you can use an custom automation like this

The first one places the item in the correct group (defined by the above mentioned integrations, but only if the date is set during item creation (e.g. through a form). The second one is the one to use if you create an item on the board manually and set the date. When the date changes the item is moved to the correct group.

Thank you for your help, basdebruin! I added the “Date Controlled Groups” app and set up the integrations as you indicated in your post. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to create the customized automations you’ve shown. I can start with “When Date changes…” and “When an item is created…”, but cannot find the next step "place the item into group specified in the “Date Controlled Group” recipes, even searching for it. Also, it seems I will need to create a separate group called “Date Controlled Group” for this to work?

Thanks for you patience, as I’m only a week or so into using and am trying to build boards for my whole team to use.
With gratitude,

hi @KimberlyMc

For a custom automation you first pick the “When this happens” (also called the trigger) and then pick the second part “Then do this” (also called the action). When you click on “Then do this” you will see a “More options” at the bottom of the popup. Clicking that brings up a new popup on the right side where you can find:

Thanks again, Basdebruin. I’ve got the trigger/action part down, just had trouble finding the "place the item into group specified in the “Date Controlled Group” part available to me. Searching for Date Controlled did the trick. Thank so much for your help!

Back for some more guidance…
I purchased the “Date Controlled Group” app and have it set up to reorganize by various time periods. That part is working great. I also set up an automation to move items into a “Completed” group once a status has been updated to “done”, so they aren’t cluttering the today/this week groups with already completed tasks. However, the date sorting is overriding that, and I have to manually move “done” items. Is there a workaround?

hi @KimberlyMc

That is indeed expected behavior. A possible workaround is to set the date to today’s date when a status is changed to Done and have an integration

this will move all items with a date of today or in the past to the group (“Test Board” in this example)

Would that work for you?

Thanks for your quick response. Sparked by your suggestion, the workaround I’m using is creating a separate board that just houses completed tasks and automating movement of items to that board when the items are marked ‘done’.