Custom Automation: move item to specific group based on a future date

I have multiple boards with automations that update each other, so I only have to physically work out of a single board, but my teams can view the other boards. One of my boards is set up by the month (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.) for each group. I want to create an automation that will move items to the desginated group based on a future due date.

All of the automations regarding due date seem to be only connected to “when the due date arrives” or so many days ahead of the due date, but I want the automation to always be running, not just on a specific single date.

Here are a couple examples of how this would be useful:

It is August now, but I have a project that is due in October; currently I have to manually move the item the correct group. Instead, I would like to build an automation that moves any item that has a due date in October to the October group.

I also have an automation currently that updates the published date (different column) as “today” if the status is marked as complete.

Let’s say I finish the project from my previous example (due in October) early and mark it as complete. Since the current automation will update the publish date as “today”, I’d like to be able to use another automation that will move the item to the appropriate month group based on the published “today” date.

Hi @kphays - this is possible with an assist from a 3rd party app like General Caster which does have a free tier based on usage.

For this example, we created a new column called “Month No.”, this column will contain the number of the month (1=Jan, 2=Feb, etc) and will be used to move the item to the corresponding Month Group on change.

First, after installing the app, setup two integrations:


On change of the Due Date or Date Completed it will take the corresponding month number and place it into the “Month No.” column.

Next you will need to create 12 custom automations to move the item to the corresponding group based on the change of the Month No. column:

Hope this helps!

Hi @kphays

This is also a very interesting use case, I was able to accomplish this using a Make scenario.

In the video below, I have split the screen with Monday (left) and Make (right).

The video is recorded without any cuts, and you can see how this works. I demonstrate in the video changing the due date and the item moves to the appropriate group (named by month) on the board based on the due date. This could also be done if you need to move the group to another board, which I believe is your use case.

Happy to help you build this with make if desired!

Hey Andy!

I am trying to use this method with Make to have incomming data from the form, depending on the date of the event, go into the corresponding “groups” on that are representing each month. I have never used Make before and was hoping you could lend some insight on how to best setup this flow/process for our workspace.

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I would love your help to build this.

Hey Katelyn, I apologize for just getting back to you. I honestly forgot I even posted this.
Do you still need help with the above mentioned?

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I appreciate your response, however, we opted to use the General Caster option and so far it’s working out for our need.

Make was much too technical for my patience. Someday I’d be interested to see if it could help out for other issues, but not today.