Set up custom due dates for move item automation

Is there a way to create an automation for setting a due date in the future rather than today on the When an item is moved to this board automation?

I wish to move items from one board to another and have one automation to set a due date for today, but then would like to set 2 week and 4 week due dates for these items, is there a way of doing this?
I have tried the when an item is created in this board, but this doesn’t work for items being moved into the board.

Hi @Vitoria you should be able to accomplish this in a few ways. The easiest would be through a simple custom automation to move the item to a new board and push the date by X weeks. I am not sure how your automation is triggered to move, however the below example shows this functionality when a Date arrives:

Hope this helps!

Hi @mark.anley, I have an automation created for when the status for an item gets changed to a specific status the item will move to a different board. When this item is moved a date will be set in a date column (Column A), I want it so that there are 3 date columns (A, B & C), one which will be the date the item was moved (Column A), this currently works through the “when item is moved to this board set date to today” I then wish the other 2 date columns to have the same automation but for 2 weeks from today’s date (B) and then 4 weeks from today’s date (C) and when I try to replicate the above automation it will only allow me to “to set date to today” I have also tried the “when date arrives push date in column B to 2 weeks from date and push date in column C to 4 weeks from today” and this doesn’t seem to work.

Hope this makes sense!

Hi @Vitoria - you can accomplish this by setting all the date adjustments in the status change automation. Basically, set your group of three dates in the current board, then send the record to the other board. Below is the automation I built to complete this:


This should give you the behavior you are looking for :slight_smile:


Hi @mark.anley! I have tried the automation above and it has done what I wanted it to! Thank you! :smiley:

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