Automation for "When item is created AND date has arrived"

I have a board in which items are being created when status is changed on another board.
When and item is created, I want it to automatically move to the relevant group based on date, either “Due tomorrow” or “Due today”.
Automations like “When item is created AND date has arrived” and “When item is created AND 1 day before date has arrived” would be ideal, but it’s not available.
How it can be done?

Thank you!

Hey @OrSeaNRent!

This is really helpful feedback for our team. That being said, for those items which the date hasn’t passed for, would this automation do the job?

Or is it only items that have been created from the prior board that you would like moved to the group? If this is the case, you could set up a status column, specifically for those items that been created from the other board, so that they’re moved based upon the date, and whether or not they have that status set?

Let me know if this makes sense!

Thank you for your help! I will check if this solution is working for me.

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I would love this automation as well. I frequently pull generated spreadsheets that include dates in the past and future. I’d love to be able to set an automation for “when item is created and date has passed, move item into ‘x’ group” (in my case, 'expired)