Automation to determine status when creating an item by date column

Hello friends!
I’m new to monday…
I am looking for a way to create an automation or a combination of automations that will determine the status of an item when it is created according to the date column.
(My case is a task board that has automation 1 - when a task date arrives, the status of the task changes to ‘to be executed’, and automation 2 - which sends an email to the person responsible for the task when the status changes to ‘to be executed’. The problem is when a task is created whose execution date is today, automation 1 no longer be).

Hey Gady,

To clarify, your goal is for the status to change and an email to be sent when an item is created with execution date of the current date, is this correct?

Can you confirm how you’re creating the item and setting the date? Is this through a form, automation or are you manually inputting the date?


Usually when an item is created (and in my case - when a task is created), the due date is later than today. In this case, when the date arrives the status of the task changes and an email is sent using automations.
The problem is when the item/task is created with a due date for today. The ‘when the date arrives’ automation will never work.
I would have expected automation like ‘when an item is created and date is XXX then…’, but as we know this basic feature does not exist.

The items on my board are created by the team usually using a form.