When creating item, set date depending on Priority status

Hi Monday.com community!
I have a date column called “Due date” and another status column called “Priority”. Depending on the Priority status selected in a form, the idea is to set the Due date according to the SLA’s when an item is created.

Status and SLA’s:
High : actual date + 1 day
Medium : actual date + 3 days
Low : actual date + 1
Custom : Set a date manually

The question is, How can I build an automation with the described conditions? It seems that the option doesn’t exist. All help will be much appreciated.

Hey Daniel!

For this, I would suggest using a custom automation recipe like the following:

You could either set up the beginning of the recipe like the screenshot shows or you could do “when item is created and status is __”. Then, you will set the date column’s date to today (if the current date is what you mean by actual date) and push the same date column by x number of days.

You will need to set up a similar recipe for each of the statuses (“High”, “Medium”, “Low”, etc) but this should work for what you need!

Does this help? Let me know what you think!

Thank you for your help @CharlotteK !
It worked perfectly!

Do you have any idea for the Custom option?