Set Priority Status Based on Date with Automations

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What formula should I use to set a priority if there is only “specific” number of days remaining before the deadline? I wanted to do 3 levels of prioritys. high, medium and low.
I wanted to have the priority column be based on the timeline column i set.
What column should I need to create?
What priority formula should I use?

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Hello and welcome to the Monday community!

There are lots of different ways to accomplish this but based on your use case, here is the simplest way I can think of:

Minimum Columns:

Status Column = Priority Levels
Date Column = Deadline Date


When date arrives and at status is something change it to something else

You will want to set up 2-3 automations like this for your priority levels. For example, here is one that sets the priority level when only 1 day is left before the deadline:

The “1 day before” can be changed however you need, so if you want to set High to 3 days before, Medium to 6 days before etc. Its fully customizable.

I said 2-3 automations, because you could just set every new item to be default Low Priority and then only have the priority change once the date gets closer.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

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How about if i exclude the weekend?

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