How to use a due date column and automations to change task status

Hi, I’m building a comprehensive board for design and project management teams.

I would appreciate a help from formula experts and automation experts here. Thanks.

These are my columns and the rules

  1. Due Date Column

Rule. When Due Date of an asset is moved to a different day, move the rest of the due dates that follows it with the exemptions of holidays and weekends

  1. Status Column ( Rules: When the date is 1 day before Due Date, Change Status to Due Tomorrow).

Rule 2. When the due date comes, change Status column to Due Today

  1. Priority Column

When Status Date Changes to Due Tomorrow and Due Today, set Priority column to High. Otherwise, Low

I hope some can give me valuable advices. I got a a bit lost. Thanks!

hi @TJ_S

I do see this question often :slight_smile: . My first response is always: what is a weekend? (it can be different in other parts of the world) and where do you want to store the holidays (there is no such thing as “standard” holidays)

The second and third one can be done quite easy with an automation, like:

Same for the last one:


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