Automations on Date

Hello Monday Team,

How should I set an board automation for a weekly status column?

My objective is to have a status column with “Due Next Week” labels.

Is there an automation that I can set for these labels?

Considering Monday-Friday as workdays in a week.
Ideally, as soon as it’s Monday, the tasks that have due dates assigned the week after should automate to Due This Week.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

hi @TJ_S how’s it going!

just thinking out loud here, but based on the structure of your automation it seems that a tool like integromat and zapier would be required to accomplish what you are looking for. There is not any automations that look at date columns within a given time period and update a status accordingly.
could be a nice feature but I don’t see it in the automations currently

That being said if you are opposed to using another tool, I think the ‘my week’ offers the ‘upcoming’ view which would give you a list of items which are coming up for the next week. (I’m assuming you know about this, and there are reasons why this doesn’t work for you but figured I’d mention just for sanity’s sake)

hope that helps a little.

hi @TJ_S

There is an app Apps Marketplace doing (almost) the same. In stead of assigning a specific status values the app move items to a specified group based on the number of days to deadline.

Hey @TJ_S - while I do not think it is possible to complete exactly what you are looking for in base monday, an option would be to use a Formula Column to return text based on the Due Date and use conditional formatting to make it look like a Status!

For example, I created a Formula column called “Due” that checks the “Due Date” column and returns text based on the following SWITCH statement. We are just comparing the week number and assigning the text to the Due column:


We can then set conditional formatting to color code the “Due” column to make it look like a status.

The finished product looks like this:


Hope this helps!