Deadline from formula OR automate to set date column based on other date column


My team uses Monday pretty heavily for tracking projects & statuses. One thing we are pretty limited by is the inability to set a due date for an intermediate step in the process that’s based on the final due date. This seems like it should be a pretty basic implementation, and I was surprised this was not already a functionality built into Monday.

We could use a formula to set the due date for the intermediate step based on the final due date, but then we lose the handiness of Deadline Mode for that column.

Or it would be great to have an automation to set a due date based for the intermediate step(s) based on the final due date, once set.

Is this something that’s being worked on? It’s so important to our process, it might have us evaluating alternative tools that have this functionality.

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Hey there @cameronrestor3d,

That’s a great use case.

I’d recommend looking into the General Caster marketplace app, as it can provide the exact functionality you are looking for, as it can affect other columns within the same board by using formula-based automations.

You can find out more about this option here:
General Caster

I’ve also moved the topic to the Workflows section of the forum, as it could facilitate further discussion there, with members of our team and other users that are focusing on building awesome workflows :slight_smile:


Wow thanks so much! This is awesome, and does exactly what I needed. Thanks!

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