Start date + duration = AUTOMATE due date

Hi there… I need help! I’m looking to create a formula that will take my start date and add the number of WORKING days highlighted in the duration column to calculate the due date. As you can see from my screen shot, the # of duration days change depending on the task.

Hello @gogo_gomez,

You can use Due Date as a formula column and insert this one: WORKDAY({Start},{Duration})

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This there a way to make the formula column a deadline?

Hey @abiciea! There’s not a way to make the formula column a deadline at the moment. If you are interested in brainstorming alternative solutions to this shoot us an email at :slight_smile:

How? If I add a column as a date, I don’t see a way to insert the formula. If I add the column as a formula, I can’t use it as a date in a board automation. This is the formula I’m using: FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS({Birth Date},{Date Due Factor}))

Hello @tomsvision,

If you want to use it in a date, then one approach would be to use Integromat for that since currently formulas are not shown as dates.
It’s quite straightforward, you have to use these modules:

  • List board’s items.
  • Update columns values of a specific item. In this module you can add a number column to the second date as you are doing with the formula.
    Let me know if you would need any support from my side.

Ok, so it’s not possible to use a formula to calculate a Date column AND use it in a board automation. Thanks for your suggestion but I found a more simple work around that worked for me. I set up an automation to set the Date value when the “start” value changes. Like this: “when START DATE changes, adjust the DUE DATE by the number of days in DURATION”.


Yes if the duration is fixed for all the items that approach will work very well. The one based in Integromat was considering that the durations are different for each item.

That makes sense. For me, the durations are different for each line item, (but the same per project) so after I set them one time, I can copy that board and use it on the next project over and over.

Super cool. Loving this product. I just signed up today.