Automate due date regarding to start date and duration


Do you know if it is possible to automate a due date column entry ?

In my case I have a start date and a duration, and I would like to calculate a due date. I found two options but they are not satisfying :

  1. Use a column formula for due date = start date + duration. In that way I cannot use automations and filter this column, is that correct ?
  2. Use an automation that when column change, due date = start date duration. The problem is that it works when you change the sart date column, but it does not work when you import an item from excel for example as the cell is empty.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions ?

Thank you


Hi @corentin.dalfarra

There is also a timeline combo column that combines nicely with a duration (number) column. This gives a timeline and not a (due) date. We also developed an app that does use this concept, but the app does also do dependencies and might be an overkill. Let me know if you want more infor about that app.

Hi @basdebruin

Thank you for the explanations, I think I will stick to the first option even if it is not optimal for metrics and filters in a first time…

Have a nice day,


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